Bilingual Classes

Cambridge Red Oak stared the bilingual program in 2001. Since then, we’ve crated a sophisticated learning program and recruited a wealth of knowledgeable teachers.

The bilingual classes are designed to help children who wish to build their future in Mainland China. In order to cover all of the Child Development Areas, our learning programs are designed based on our children’s age and development needs. Besides improving their Mandarin and English communication skills, Our learning programs also feature a variety fundamental courses to broaden their knowledge and expand their talents.

The advantages of our bilingual classes are the following:

  • A Complete Childhood Education

    Our curriculum not only improves the child’s cognitive ability, it also betters his/her understanding of moral values.

  • Fluent English Speakers

    The ideal way to learn a language is to start as young as possible and practice it daily. Our teachers are here all year-round to help the children become fluent English speakers.

  • Prime Candidates

    Children who graduate from our iconic bilingual program have a much greater chance to be enrolled into a topnotch primary school in China. For more information about our program, please visit one of your local Cambridge Red Oak Kindergartens.