China's urbanization has produced a large market for early childhood education.

       We are ready for a rapid expansion.

       After 18 years of experience, Cambridge Red Oak has become a mature and reliable industry. Our unique business model allows us to maintain high-quality work while expanding our operation.

     With the improvement of living standards in China, parents want higher quality education for their children. Although public kindergartens meet the basic requirements, their quality of service is subject to socioeconomic changes. On the other hand, high-end privet kindergartens like us can provide a significantly more personalized service. Our curriculum is also a lot more sophisticated, giving the children a once in a lifetime learning experience.

       The education business is a long-lasting and stable industry. After it has reached a certain level of success, economic shifts and financial downfalls have little to no effect on the business. This long-term investment in early childhood education is our way of supporting future generations.

Means of Co-operation

Property Rental:

We require the property to be at least 1800 square meters, and can hold a minimum of 8 standard classrooms. We prefer locations that are close to a large residential community.

Purchasing Property:

We also acquire property from real estate developers with independent contracts.


We work with real estate developers or individuals who are interested. Our management team will run the operation and we will maintain the rights to the brand. A management fee will be collected depending on the profits.

Contact Name: Tong-Jun He
Telephone: 18150363350, 0592-5718818
Address: No.568 Jiahe Road, Huli District,
               Xiamen 361000