Cambridge Red Oak

Our Qualifications

Through having high teaching standards and creating a well-rounded education program, our schools have been continuously honored with prestigious awards such as the Certificate of Excellence. Theses awards represent our dedication to providing the finest early childhood education for our community.

  • Our Staff

    All the teachers from our schools are selected through a rigorous screening process. These professionals from all over the country hold all the required certificates.

    In order to keep up with the latest teaching philosophy, our teachers are also often sent abroad to attend international lectures and seminars.

    With such an advanced team of educators, we make sure our children are receiving the best care and attention.

  • Our Facilities

    It is important to us to conduct our teachings in a quality-controlled environment. Our classrooms are bright and spacious; our halls are decorated with colorful ornaments; our equipments are in pristine shape; and our technology matches the latest trends. We are devoted to making our kids feel safe and inspired.

  • Customer Service

    As we hoped to provide better customer service and take advantage of new technological innovations, we developed a one of a kind cell-phone application. It replaces traditional means of communication and greatly improves the interaction between the clients and the school.

    Parents can now seamlessly receive school news, and gain real-time updates on their child’s activities.

  • Licensed Services

    Not only do we have certified A Level cafeterias; we also provide daily shuttle buses, making it easy for parents to pick up their kids.