All-English Classes

Being able to communicate in a foreign language has become one of the most important skills in the modern world. The best way for a child to cultivate such a skill is to teach them in a bilingual environment. Not only will they learn to speak English, they will also learn how to quickly adapt when positioned in unfamiliar territory.

Here are some of the advantages that our kindergartens provide:

  • Toreign Teachers are with the Children around the Clock

    Our foreign teachers are with the children around the clock, so the kids can freely practice their English communication skills.

  • Superior teacher-student ratio

              The superior teacher-student ratio in the All English class ensures the high frequency interaction between children and teachers.
  • Project Based Learning

    Our learning projects follow the guidelines of modern teaching philosophies. This type of learning technique has great advantages over traditional teaching methods. They help our children gain exceptional critical thinking skills, social skills, and language skills.

  • School and Parent Relation

    We understand the importance of communication, therefore, we developed many social media platforms like the cellphone application. Parents also have access to Development Records, giving them insight into their child’s daily school life. They can also be more actively involved by attending school events and field trips.

  • Multiculturalism

    Multi-national cultural elements are seamlessly integrated into our teaching programs and environment. Our multiculturalism is also highlighted through our annual cultural festivals and activities.